And, they are….. 


Jack stared at the ground, clenching his staff until his fingers turned even paler then usual.”I’m… I’m not good enough for you Hic… I make a mess of everything, and I don’t want to make a mess out of you…”

Forest green eyes furrowed in confusion before rotating in a full circle. “Gee, that sounds like my line,” he muttered sadly, carefully stepping closer to the ice spirit. “I don’t show my feelings just to anyone Jack, in case you haven’t noticed. You’re good enough for me.” Soothingly he slipped his small hand to rest against the pale neck, to which the ice spirit slowly looked up at him, unsure of what to think.

(Yeeppp, dont even know either lfuiad two versions of the first one cause they both looked cool to me alfuds sorry if the writing is horrible, I just literally typed that in a minute and a half alfsd wanted to say something to go with this yeahh alfuihd)



FFVII Crossover~ Can you imagine Jack as Cloud and Hiccup as Zak? (or Zak and Angeal respectively either way is fine)

Older Hiccup gives me all the “I learned a lot of shit during the missing years” feel and Jack just keeps messing up more than half the time and this just hit me real hard

((that and neir wanted to draw a bloody Jack. Oh yes, Jack is in his brown hair/eyes mode since he hasn’t…died)) Rough sketch, everybody :x


Jack: Hmm, yes. This one will be my mate.

Ñamñamñam I don’t know how to draw porn e,e I need practice. Only some sweet ~ 


I felt these needed to be combined. Credit to [X] and [X]


Jack FrostxHiccup anthology cover :)


잭히컵 앤솔표지

이제 샘플페이지하러ㅠ_^….


Annapurna Himalayan Range, Nepal (September 2013)

Kodak EIR


Been meaning to draw colonial Jack for I don’t know how long. 
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